We are on our way to a

"once-in-a-lifetime experience".

You can follow us on our journey.

Kim, Konstanze, Mari und Tim


We are a 4 headed crew. We are work buddies and friends. 4 diffrent stories, origins, generations, diffrent interest but on the same road - in one offroad car.

We drive for charity! The essential part of the Dresden-Dakar-Banjul Rallye is, that we drive down a full functioning car, which will be auctioned after the rallye for a charity cause. The money goes to a NGO Project in Gambia. 

All sponsored products or left over money, will also be donated by us. We will document all of this, so in case you sponsor us, you see where your help leads to.

We will be under way for several weeks in a car, a confined space, for almost 7500 km. This diverse and rough terrain will test our mutual cooperation and patience but also our spontaneity, responsiveness and organizational skills to the maximum. 

rallye4charity [at] gmx.info

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