Both cars are sold and the money will be used to help the Dresden-Banjul-Organisation Projects.


All rallye cars were able to collect the total amount of 83.690€. This is a big deal for us all, to be able to help build or hold classrooms, material for education, keep hospitals and workshops for locals running, as well as a compost plant.


Thanks to each one of you -

Family, Friends and our Sponsors

4x4 Farm, FGS, TC & Co. International, Urlaubspiraten,

Lufthansa, Sechzisch Vierzisch and Airport Data!

On the 9th of March we started in Dresden, Germany to begin our Adventure-Charity-Tour towards Banjul in Gambia. On the 31st March is the Car auction in Banjul, Gambia.

Charity Rallye Dresden-Dakar-Banjul

rallye4charity [at] gmx.info

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